Viv's International Education Centre - Pune

7, Anamaya Apartments,
Ideal Colony,
Paud Road, Kothrud,

Ph: 020 32400086

Legal entity:
Viv's International Education Centre Pty Ltd t/as VIEC Education
Principal agent:
Vivian Porter
Office Manager:



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With a network of more than 50 offices across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Libya and Nepal, VIEC is one of the leading education consultants worldwide. 

We represent more than 350 education providers including universities, colleges, vocational institutes and schools across Asia, Europe and North America. Since its inception in 1997, VIEC has recruited more than 30,000 students to its partner institutions.  

Given our strong ethical approach to business, we have built an excellent profile and credibility within the education industry. 


With more than 350 highly professional and trained staff, we provide a wide range of services to our students and Institutional partners.


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VIEC Mission Statement:

VIEC’s mission is to recruit international students for quality educational institutions worldwide by providing a professional service to prospective students in selecting the most appropriate course and institution for career betterment.

How we achieve our mission:

Values Integrity Ethics Better Life

VIEC Slogan:

Better Education Better Life



Ms Vivienne Porter - CEO

Vivienne Porter created VIEC more than 14 years ago. Since its humble beginnings, she has led VIEC to become one of the most prominent and respected names in the industry. VIEC today is the largest student recruitment network in South Asia.

Vivienne's expertise in international education is unparalleled and spans across business development, student recruitment and academic program management. Vivienne was Director of the International Office at the University of Western Sydney and Deputy Director, International at Griffith University. Vivienne has held position of Director of Studies at Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University) and has worked as an accredited IELTS Tester and Administrator.

Dr Dipu Sebastian - Director, International Development

Dipu Sebastian is responsible for developing international partnerships, maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and overall strategic decision making for VIEC. Dipu has an extensive background in the higher education sector as an academic, marketer and in managing academic programs in Australia. He has published and presented numerous papers internationally and undertaken a number of consultancy projects both within the education sector and within government, non-government and not-for-profit organizations. Some of these include large international projects funded by organizations such as AusAid and Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ).

Dipu has earned a PhD from Deakin University, Australia; MBA from Queensland University of Technology, Australia; MEd form Griffith University, Australia and BS from Christ University, India. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.


VIEC Advisory Committee 2010

Ms Indra Kaur

Mr Sachin Jain

Mr Manish Upadhyay


VIEC India & Nepal

Captain (Indian Navy Retd) Virendra Sigh - General Manager Administration

Captain Virendra Singh brings an exceptional senior level management experience to VIEC.  He is an alumni of the Doon School, National Defence Academy and The Royal Naval Staff College Greewich UK. He's a Science graduate and a Post Graduate in Defence Studies.  He served in the  command structure of Frigets, Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers of the Indian Navy as a Missiles and Gunnery specialist. Captain Singh has also served as a directing staff at the Staff College Wellington and was the Defence Advisor at the Indian High Commission in South Africa. His interests include Reading, Writing, Golf, Equestrian, Swimming,White Water Rafting, History and Geography.

Mr Rohit Sethi - General Manager Operations

Rohit manages the central processing unit of VIEC located in Delhi.  Rohit has over eight years of experience in international education and has successfully managed VIEC operations both at a branch level and nationally in India. As an Australian graduate from Victoria University, he is well equipped to understand the practical issues students face and has the expertise in assisting them.

Rohit is a ‘Qualified Education Agent Counsellor Award’ by The International Education Services in partnership with AEI and DIAC. He has also earned a ‘Professional Development Program in Promoting UK Education and Training’ conducted by British Council and British High Commission in New Delhi.


VIEC Sri Lanka

Mr Sri Kandasamy - Country Director

Sri Kandasamy manages the Sri Lankan operations for VIEC. Sri brings an exceptional depth of experience in Education UK following a successful career managing the Education Services Centre for four and half years at the British Council in Sri Lanka for both Sri Lanka and the Maldives. He was commended by many UK representatives for the quality and impact he created promoting UK qualifications in Sri Lanka. Sri also received an exceptional rating at the British Council for his outstanding work, which included overseeing the UK-Sri Lankan Partnership Links Scheme to facilitate redevelopment and capacity building in Sri Lankan institutions.

Sri holds an MBA from Henley Business School, UK. He has strong project management experience, including strategic planning, budgeting and team leadership. In addition, he has highly developed skills in addressing problems, defining relevant issues, drawing sound conclusions and making responsible policy or strategy recommendations.


VIEC Australia

Mr Renjith Joseph - Country Manager

Renjith Joseph manages Australian onshore operations for VIEC. He assists VIEC students with, airport pick-ups, accommodation, employment and assistance with health related issues. Before joining VIEC’s Australian operation, he gained many years of valuable commercial experience working for one of the largest marketing groups in the world.  

Haven completed his Masters degree at Griffith University, Australia; Renjith understands the problems experienced by overseas students.  He is always willing to help students and in that way has developed a strong following in the international student community. He has formed an alumni group for VIEC students in most major capital cities in Australia.  He continues to assist students not only with their educational needs, but also in a variety of ways.